Buddha paintings that create harmony at home with Feng Shui. A wonderful and easy way to bring in good energy into your home is to integrate a few Buddha paintings. If you’ve been in a rut or have been feeling stuck in life, the thought of integrating new art and energy may seem like an impossible task.  But the benefits of integrating even just a few Buddha paintings can be life changing. When you create the space around you to look and feel like your highest and best self, you also create space for all the things you desire.

Buddha paintings canvas

Buddha Paintings and Feminine Energy

Now, do you need to display Buddha art all over your home in order to have perfect feng shui? Absoultely not. The Bagua has feng shui guidelines however you can adhere to those feng shui requirements in any style you want. If you’d like to bring more feminine energy into the space also known as “Yin” you can focus on bringing in the square shape. The square belongs to the Earth feng shui element and is known for it’s power to radiate powerful feminine energy. You can also integrate softer colors, patterns and fabrics that are gentle on the eyes for example.

Buddha paintings

Buddha Art That Speak To Your Heart

Some of my Buddha paintings are very gentle on the eyes and can do wonders for your interior spaces. When choosing your next artwork make sure it really speaks to your heart. If you create each space with the knowledge of feng shui and choose art that truly speaks to your heart, you will create spaces you never thought possible.

What is Feng Shui?

In literal translation feng means “wind” and shui means “water”. In Chinese culture, wind and water symbolize good health, which means good feng shui meant good fortune. On the other hand, bad feng shui would mean bad luck or misfortune. Buddha represents good fortune and good luck as well. Thus Buddha paintings are frequently used in feng shui practices.

Various Feng Shui practices date as far back as 6,000 years. They contain elements of various branches of scholarly study that include physics, philosophy, astronomy, and even astrology. It is closely related to the Taoist vision and understanding of nature. In particular the belief that earth is alive and filled with energy known as Chi. Many also believe Buddha paintings harness Chi energy. Some other ideas that are shared between Taoism and feng shui are the polarities of yin and yang. For example, the polar opposites cannot exist without the other. Also the theory of five elements. If you take a look at my Buddha painting titled “Well of the Heart” you can see the yin and yang creates the top of Buddhas head.

buddha painting

Feng shui is also known as the art of placement. Placing Buddha paintings in the right place has many benefits. Feng shui helps us realize how the placement of your body and the objects within your space affects your energy. It can teach us how to balance and harmonize with the energies in our homes, offices, and even our gardens.. The goal is to insure good fortune for the people living in or frequently in that space.  Some individuals regard feng shui as a pseudo-science in the scientific community. Regardless, feng shui impacts our health us on all levels.

Good fortune can arrive in various ways such as a new job, a new lover and even better health. There are feng shui tips and suggestions that correlate to every area of your life. The main tools for analyzing the feng shui in a space are the feng shui compass and the bagua.

Buddha Blankets To Get Your Cozy On

Buddha blankets are a nice addition to any room in the house. The Buddha blankets that I offer are super soft and 100% Cotton. They are also grown and woven in the USA. I use my Buddha blanket every night and my dog loves to cuddle up in it every night as well.  As of right now, I have two different large Buddha blankets. One of the Buddha Blankets is gold and entitled “Kundalini Awakening”. The other Buddha blanket is green and entitled “Well of the Heart”.  I love them both. You really can’t go wrong with whichever Buddha blanket you choose. To see your Buddha Blanket options, please blankets here.

About Buddha Metal Wall Art Prints

My Buddha metal wall art prints are insanely beautiful and the latest addition to my online shop. I love showcasing my Buddha metal wall art prints at art festivals because people love them so much and they glow so well in the sunlight. My Buddha metal wall art prints are also called dye infused aluminum prints. If you purchase one of my Buddha metal wall art prints, I highly suggest you invest in a high CRI LED light. With the right LED light on your new Buddha metal wall art print, you will super happy.

Thank you for reading “Buddha Paintings That Create Harmony At Home With Feng Shui”! 🙂

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