Would you like to add a lovely new Buddha wall art piece to your art collection? Well then you’ve come to the right place! I’ve been creating Buddha wall art for well over 10 years and I absolutely love getting creative with the sacred Buddha image. Please allow me to offer up a few artworks that may peak your interest 🙂 My latest devotional Buddha art print is shown below and it is entitled “Well of the Heart“.

Buddha Wall Art

This particular Buddha wall art is very dear to my heart as it represents oneness and my connection with nature, mother earth and the entire cosmos. Divine love flows from the heart space back into nature. This symbiosis is rooted in holy love and reverence for the supreme source of all life.  As sacred water collects in his lap (abundance of love and life-force) it drips off of his feet and returns to mother earth.

As his love offering returns to earth it is also returned to Buddha as a continual fountain of infinite blessings. The merging of Buddha’s body with the water, rocks, trees, stars and surrounding environment is a also a representation of sacred love, union and profound peace. On that note, I’d like to share the beautiful quote by Joseph Campbell: “The goal of life is to make your heartbeat match the beat of the universe, to match your nature with Nature.” For size and availability of “Well of the Heart” please visit my art shop.

Limited Edition Buddha Wall Art

buddha wall art

This Buddha wall art work is a hand signed and numbered limited edition print of 111. I have made it available in several different sizes on both museum canvas and museum grade fine art paper. With this Buddha image and offering it is my intention to bless homes and bring a little more peace, love and joy where it’s needed.

Buddha wall art

Buddha Canvas Art – Buddha Canvas Wall Art

The great thing about Buddha canvas artwork is that you do not have the added expense of having to purchase a frame, glass and/or mats. With Buddha canvas artwork the only added expense would be paying for the labor to have the canvas stretched over stretcher bars. This is something your local frame shop can do and for a pretty reasonable price.  You can also stretch your Buddha canvas artwork yourself if you you’re comfortable doing this. Please visit my shop to see the various Buddha canvas artwork options.

Buddha Art Prints And Posters

There are many other Buddha art options that you can bring into your home. If you would like to frame something, I suggest a museum grade Buddha print or Buddha poster print. There are a few differences between the two, so you will have to weigh the pros and cons. There are two types of Buddha prints in my shop. One is a limited edition hand museum grade Buddha print that is signed and numbered. The other Buddha art print is museum grade as well, but it just hand signed. This is called an open edition print.

Buddha Metal Wall Art – Buddha Wall Art Metal

I absolutely love my new Buddha metal wall art prints. They’re super lightweight, extremely vibrant, and have a very modern look when hung up on the wall. These new Buddha metal wall art prints have hangers on the back called “flush mount hangers”. So, when the metal print is hanging on the wall, it is only 1/2 inch off the wall. This is much closer to the wall than my canvas prints, as they hang a full 2″ off the wall.  Anytime I show these new Buddha metal art prints at art festivals, the responses are wonderful.  With proper lighting, these prints have a beautiful inner glow. By simply positioning an LED light or two at the print, you are sure to be amazed.