Creating A Masterpiece With The Power Of A Child's Imagination

Creating a masterpiece with the power of a child's imagination. I started painting as a hobby when I was just a little boy. I didn't know I had any talent until one day at the curious age of 3, I decided to make my artistic pursuits known by creating a masterpiece. It was an epic mural sized “thank you painting” for my parents. My weapon of choice? Permanent markers of course! Canvas of choice ? The Dining room wall! It was such a perfect space for the birth of my masterpiece! creating a masterpiece

How To Create A Masterpiece With Permanent Markers

I wasn’t sure why they kept calling this space “the dining room” but that didn’t matter too much. My artistic pursuits were calling me to create the ultimate masterpiece. What I was sure of was that it was the perfect opportunity to express my whole hearted love, gratitude and imagination. This wall was heaven sent just for me! Located right inside our cozy 2 bedroom apartment I couldn’t believe that they created a whole 12ft blank wall just for my art and markers! How considerate and thoughtful of them! creating a masterpiece

The Best Way To Create A Masterpiece and Express My Artistic Pursuits

I mean .. what better way to express my gratitude after flushing all of my clothes down “the toilet”!? You know.. that mini washing machine looking thing! Mom could certainly use my help doing laundry. So to do my part, I started throwing in a loads. Literally. Load after load. I just kept throwing in loads and pulling that magic handle. I continued this process for quite some time, but not for too long. Just long enough for all of my tiny shirts and pants to disappear from that huge dresser looking thing. I guess they all got stuck somehow but it really didn't matter. All I could think about was creating a masterpiece and starting my most special mural. Plus, my parents will be up to their elbows in doo doo in no time.

The Birth of Creating A Masterpiece for My Parents

Since the grass was as green as it gets right where I was, I figured why not show just how green things can get! This "dining room wall" was in desperate need of a giant sun, huge blades of grass, bluebirds and of course jurassic size flowers! So, even though they were too busy digging my clothes out of the toilet and unable to watch me creating a masterpiece, I still felt It was my duty to do my best work. My artistic pursuits were in full effect. I started with the most important part of the masterpiece, the green grass! So, I started at the far left side of the wall and didn't stop scribbling until I reached the other side. Now that the entire length of the wall was filled I could start on the trees and birds. Next up was the giant sun. Flowers were last but really made everything come together. At least thats how my parents felt staring at my giant masterpiece. artistic pursuits Thanks for reading "Creating a Masterpiece With The Power of a Child's Imagination"! :) Have you checked out my Mandala Designs article yet?

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