Museum Grade Buddha Art On Canvas | Meditation Art For Inner Peace

//Museum Grade Buddha Art On Canvas | Meditation Art For Inner Peace

Museum Grade Buddha Art On Canvas | Meditation Art For Inner Peace

Are you ready to experience museum grade Buddha art on canvas in your home?  These stunning canvas Buddha prints are archival and museum grade, most commonly referred to as “giclee canvas prints”. Unlike a standard print that is mass produced, my giclee Buddha prints are made one at a time using the same pigmented inks found in original Buddha paintings on canvas. By using these pigmented inks, I can rest assured that all of my artworks will react to light in the same way an original painting would. Giclee prints and are proven to last up to 100 years without any noticeable change.

Are You Ready To Experience Buddha Art on Canvas in Your Home?

I really love to use Soraa LED lights to illuminate my Buddha artwork but you could use any led lights that have a high CRI rating. If you really want to illuminate your new Buddha art, please consider investing in a few art gallery lights. Find your perfect size Buddha art on canvas here:

Buddha Art on Canvas

In the video below, I am showcasing my new dye infused metal art work prints of Kundalini Awakening to give you an idea of how a Buddha art on canvas can look inside your own home with just a few lights shining upon it.

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When You Are Searching For A New Buddha Art on Canvas For Your Home

Buddha art on canvas

When searching for a new buddha painting for your home, there are a few things you should consider. For example:

1. Does your wall have enough space for a large buddha painting?

2. Are you interested in this Buddha artwork coordinating with all of your other decor and other artworks? Maybe you love this Buddha painting so much that you are not even concerned about the placement.

3. Do you like a gloss, high gloss, or matte finish on your paintings? If you have a lot of outside light coming in, I would stay away from a high gloss finish. High gloss will have a lot of glaring. My museum grade canvas prints have a gloss finish so you don’t have to worry if you are purchasing a canvas print.

4. Are you looking to purchase something that is ready to hang or would you rather buy an artwork that will allow you to match with a pretty frame? Framing your new Buddha artwork is a very exciting and rewarding experience. If you have never framed anything before, I suggest you give it a try.

I hope you have enjoyed Buddha Art on Canvas How to Experience In Your Home and I hope you are that much closer to experiencing it in your own home! 🙂


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