Los Angeles Skyline Artwork "L.A. Experience" by Jalai Lama

Would you like to experience the Los Angeles skyline in your home!? Well now you can! With print and light technology advancing at such a rapid pace, it is now very possible to experience the Los Angeles skyline and that downtown vibe that we all love. My new dye infused aluminum prints are light years ahead of traditional printing methods. Unlike a standard print that is mass produced, my Los Angeles skyline prints are carefully created one at a time on specially coated aluminum sheets. The inks are not printed on top of the metal but rather infused into the aluminum sheet with a special heating process.

Are You Ready To Experience The Los Angeles Skyline in Your Home?

My favorite lighting source comes from a company called Soraa. Their LED technology is all you will need to light your new Los Angeles Skyline artwork. Their high CRI rated bulbs mimic natural sunlight and illuminate the artwork very nicely. I highly recommend using at least 3 gallery lights from Soraa if you'd like to really illuminate the piece. you can be sure. To find your perfect size Los Angeles Skyline print, please visit: https://awakeningvisions.com/art/los-angeles-skyline/ Los Angeles Skyline In the video below, I am showcasing my new dye infused Los Angeles Skyline metal art work prints. Massive thanks to the grand wizard of motion graphics David Letelier for creating this mesmerizing video of “L.A. Experience” and for bringing this piece to life in such a beautiful and masterful way. Want to see more? Consider subscribing to my YouTube Channel Here ->> Official YouTube Channel Join my Official Facebook Group here: https://www.facebook.com/jalailamafanpage/ Join my Official Instagram Page here: https://www.instagram.com/visionary.art.of.jalai.lama/

When You Are Searching For Los Angeles Skyline Art For Your Home

Los Angeles Skyline When searching for a new Los Angeles Skyline Art for your home, consider asking a few questions such as: 1. How large is the wall you plan on putting this Los Angeles Skyline Art? 2. Will this Los Angeles artwork will coordinate with your living room decor or whatever room you plan on putting it in? Sometimes I fall in love with a piece so much that I could care less about it coordinating. 3. What finish do you like better? This Los Angeles Wall Art Print comes in a gloss, high gloss, or matte finish. If windows are in the immediate area, I would lean towards a gloss or matte finish as high gloss will have a lot of reflections. My Los Angeles Skyline Canvas Prints have a gloss finish and does not reflect nearly as much light as the high gloss. 4. Would you like to buy an artwork you can hang on the wall right away upon arrival to your home? This Los Angeles Artwork can also look fantastic inside a nice frame. Choosing the perfect colors mats can also be fun. Maybe you can make it even more personal and have a plaque engraved to be placed below the L.A. artwork? I hope you have enjoyed "Experience The Los Angeles Skyline In Your Home" and I hope you are that much closer to experiencing it in your own home! :)

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