Sound Bath Healing And The Beauty of Vibration (Bonus 432hz Meditation)

What Is a Sound Bath?

Sound bath healing and the beauty of vibration (bonus 432 hz meditation). The first time I experienced a sound bath was with a lovely teacher named Danielle from sound embrace. I was among a smaller group of about 12 people in a large room dedicated to meditation and sound healing. In the front area of the room was the facilitator with 4 large crystal singing bowls and a massive gong. She instructed us to lay down on our mats and get comfortable so we could experience the benefits of sound healing. It was time to bathe in sacred sounds and experience the nourishment of a sound bath.

Sound Bath Meditation With Crystal Singing Bowls

Danielle informed us that this was a 30 minute sound bath meditation and that we should allow ourselves to fully feel whatever may come to us. As she started playing the crystal singing bowls, I could feel healing energy and a beautiful vibration permeate the room. My initial reaction to the sounds were overwhelming as I have never heard or experienced sound waves in such a powerful ebb and flow rhythm. After a minute or two, my body started to get used to it and I started to see inner visions arise.

Sound Bath For Your Mind, Body And Spirit

My mind, body and spirit was immersed in deep spiritual healing on all levels. I relaxed deeper and deeper and soon realized why this practice was called a “sound bath”. It is in fact a spiritual cleansing using sacred sound and energy. For the most part, the sound bath was super relaxing. I did however experience periodic moments that were uncomfortable.

Experiencing The Good and Bad in a Sound Bath

At times I was becoming more aware of the things that were stressing me out. The visions and stressful thoughts would come and go and I could feel everything that was bringing tension into my life. As I released these stressful thoughts, I fell deeper and deeper into a more relaxed state of being. I was transported right back into the experience of beautiful blissful energy.

Experiencing The Good and Bad in a Sound Bath

These crystal singing bowls were emitting high vibrational frequencies and I was incredibly grateful for all I was receiving. All of my worries seemed to drop away and I found myself in a very care free and beautiful state of being. In order to heal we must allow ourselves to discover where and what is causing tension so that it may be healed, released and transformed. To find true and lasting inner peace, we need to accept all aspects of life, both the good and bad.

Transformational Sound Baths

When we accept the bad, it is transformed into good. As Eckhart Tolle so eloquently states, “Accept - then act. Whatever the present moment contains, accept it as if you had chosen it. Always work with it, not against it.” Would I attend another sound bath? Most definitely. In fact, since attending I have purchased my own Tibetan singing bowl.

What Is A Singing Bowl?

Singing bowls have many purposes including stress reduction and pain relief. Singing bowls can be used with other healing practices like meditation and deep breathing exercises. Many people believe the vibrations that emanate from a singing bowl benefit our bodies by reducing daily stress. Some also believe that the energetic vibrations stimulate the immune system which will harmonize our cells, brain waves and balance our bodies chakras.

Sound Healing Has Been Around For Ages

Using music as a method for healing has been around for thousands of years as its therapeutic effects are profound. The Greeks in ancient times used vibration and sound to help with digestion, sleep and mental disturbances. Towards the end of the 19th century, people were trying to prove that the relationship of sound and healing does in fact exist. What they found was that music was successful in lowering blood pressure, decreasing the pulse rate and helping the parasympathetic nervous system.

benefits of sound healing

The parasympathetic nervous system is responsible for digestion and metabolic processes. Just learning the history of sound therapy however isn't enough to tell you what a sound bath actually is. A sound bath is a kind of like a meditation class as the goal is to put participants into a tranquil meditative state while being immersed in soothing sounds. The sound therapist or class instructor will be the ones responsible for playing the various instruments and sounds. In some classes, people will remain sitting up with meditation cushions but some teachers ask participants to lay down on yoga mats.

Sound bath sessions use all sorts of notes at various vibrational frequencies that help you calm your mind and relax into your true nature. Most of the time, these sounds emanate from drums, didgeridoos, gemstone bowls, crystal bowls, cymbals, and even gongs. Each instrument has its own unique vibrational frequency that harmonizes with your body, mind and spirit. They help you return to your natural meditative state of being.

Enjoy The Benefits of Sound Healing In This Sound Bath Meditation


432hz Sound Bath Meditation - Relax and Enjoy This Sound Healing YouTube Video :)

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