“Phoenix Rising”

phoenix rising

I honor the beauty and blessing in the opportunity to feel primal. I whole heartedly accept our Return to the Wildness: A rebirth into the process of transformation within the womb of the unknown. Its time to dance in our wildness! Allow our raw humanity to take hold of all that we are. Allow spirit to nourish our deep hidden treasures through releasing into our primal nature. Its time to embody our gifts of being here empowered, allowing our footsteps to shake up the very foundation of this earth. By embracing the mystery of becoming all that we are into our life, we allow transformation to root into this world. We are now being asked to breath life into this sacred dream by living and grounding these truths into our reality. It is important that we learn to love each right where we are. Here and now. We have entered a time of continual motion without the requirement of moving or forcing in any way. We are being asked to no longer cling onto illusions of what we think is or should be. We are entering a time of deep remembrance of the divine offering we embraced before this incarnation: To assist great mother and our brothers and sisters of the many tribes in the ascension and rebirth into unity consciousness. Honor the self. Feed the divine by being transparent and open with who you truly are. Honor every feeling. Each drop of emotion holds the essence of the timeless ocean of all existence. Honor that space you hold in your heart. Know that nourishing your body, mind, and spirit allows for the safe and healthy growth of harmonic beauty in this world. Hold space with gentle and loving hands for Great Mother Earth and all of her children to grow in beauty through you. Honor your wildness. To read more of Phoenix Rising by Sol Seeker, please visit www.solpurpose.com

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