Breathing Harmony With Great Spirit

We are embracing each other once again. Our brothers and sisters, Earth Mother, Great Spirit. Our minds may never fully understand how we are one…but that’s ok…our hearts remember, our Spirit understands. Our stories, our great journeys run deep…Those timeless trails we traveled to find each other once again….to rediscover our love…our truth. The light has landed deep into the root of our being, as we return to innocence. Our hands touch down upon the soil as the power and grace of being bows ours heads low. Gratitude. Home again. Oh Great Mother, the sacred and holy essence of all that is feminine…all that is life. The body, the land, the embrace of all creation…We feel you stirring as you rise as a Phoenix born free. We give praise to be with you during this great time…and we are not afraid to fly. The Metamorphosis of manifestation has come. The wings of the Phoenix spread open wide and we become witnesses once again to that holy place within the eyes of all life. We stand in wonder as our humanity is remembered, no longer running from darkness; choosing this opportunity to heal, to fall fully into love…into serenity. Our Sacred elders speak of the return of *ONE* tribe of many ways; the great restoration of our sacred roots, and surrender into the blessing of manifested life. Our true story…how we came to be… is being retold in the spirit of the wind, in the crashing of the wave, in the thrum of the herd, in the crackle of the fire, in the melody of the boundless heart. And we are listening once again. The magik of the sacred land, the stars, and the heavens has returned into our lives. Through giving up the illusion of control, we have been given the blessing of CoCreation. We honor our heralded place in the symphony of life, as we align our world in harmony with the natural Kingdom. We are rebuilding our Temples to dance, share our medicines, art, stories, and songs within; Planting our gardens to nourish and heal our bodies; cleaning our water to purify the life source of our vessel, and rekindling the central fire where we gather and share space with those we love. Great Spirit has called, and we now return to the sacred land to rebuild great villages and unite with our soul family. This is a time of Regeneration. The fire of our hearts is rooting deep into the earth as a sacred seed. Our essence, beautiful star seeds born of vast expanse…offered unto Great mother fully…to cultivate new dynamic forms of cocreative Spirit. Our hands pour the nourishing waters of the Eternal dream upon her….as we watch the age of Aquarius take birth. We remember our truth, our power, our call…and we have to come to serve. Mother’s life force rises within. Our hearts open wide as our wings spread across the horizon. Eagle of Light rising towards the noonday sun tail feather rooted into Sacred earth. Soaring free. Remembering all is sacred. As we sway, shift, and transform in the rocking arms of Great Mother…we remain in peace…taken by the miracle of the moment. Right where we are, becomes the best place we can ever hope to be. Our roots feed Pachamama with each step we take upon her while being IN~LOVE. Love without attachment; an inviting warmth, a radiant presence…a burning grace. We hold space for all that is love, honoring the rebirth of beauty in each breath. We hold space for our family that has not yet found their way and honor their process. We love them with patience exactly where they are…as we see our reflection within them. We return to a place of wild love…where we will remain together, as one with the universe, for all time. It’s good to be here. Aho Mitakuye Oyasin. To read more by Sol Seeker, please visit

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