Ganesha by Jalai Lama

Om Gum Ganapatayei Namaha. Om and Salutations to the remover of all obstacles...all barriers and limitations...all illusions...from which Gum is the Seed. Onward timeless travelers! Onward children of creation! Onward as ONE. Move with the grace of knowing how beautiful you truly are. Move with unshakable harmony in your heart even if a storm surrounds your sacred form. The Great darkness of days past. The great illusions shall be smote by the wrath of your Love. All separation, competition, fear, doubt, and pain, shall be consecrated in the universal fire of your sacred heart. You are cleansed! You are free! The essence of ganesha unfolds into divine reflection of the infinite love, light, and bliss that you are! You are the chosen. You are the many who by the grace of the Unutterable were chosen to be born into the vibration of Great Mother to feel the true power of love in ALL its forms. Step forward with purpose brothers and sisters of the serene blessing! Move with honor into the embrace of UNITY. You are a symphony of miracles. You are the oldest prayer made manifest! There is no beginning, there is no end to your glory. You are eternity! Onward into the heart of your soul! And may each step be remembered by the strength of your kindness and love. To be born anew in the sacred fire of everlasting peace. Feel the force of the cosmic winds! And let that primordial current bless every breath. Move onward! And may each step be blessed with profound acts of kindness. Plant your root sons and daughters of the stars. A root born of joy, laughter, and boundless wonder. Deeper and deeper still. Into the crystalline heart of all that blossoms within your sacred world! Be that sacred spark in the eyes of your beloved. You are the essence. You are the Infinite! Nothing can slow the triumphant march of your divine presence great child of eternity. The denizens of all of creation live on within you! You are the heroic! You are the Legend! You are humanity! Kneel in the sacred fires of healing. Breathe in forgiveness. Cast away all guilt and shame. Let the love of your kin, the love of your precious earth, the love of all that is SACRED IN THIS UNIVERSE move you onward on your journey of becoming ONE! Om Gum Ganapatyei Namaha.

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