Awakening Quotes by Jalai Lama

Blessed to awaken into the beauty of mother earth once again..deepest gratitude on this day and every day to come. Infinitely open to her free beauty and subtle heart resonating messages. Embracing all I am each day.. realizing that living in the now is where I shall reside for the healthy and harmonic growth of myself and all who share space. Happy High Vibration Easter! ~ Jalai Lama

Life offers something new and inspiring every day and it is a true blessing to be a witness within this symphony of miracles. ~ Jalai Lama

Heal the Spark. ~ Jalai Lama

“Awakening the kindness of your heart by embracing the beauty of all creation is something we all need to consciously engage in moment to moment and in between those moments as well.” ~ Jalai Lama

“Be the love that everyone can see.” ~ Jalai Lama

“Love flows in all directions and your in its path.” ~ Jalai Lama

“Always breathe in gratitude so you only breathe out love.” ~ Jalai Lama

“Allow the beauty of all things to flow through you and into the hearts of others. Restore the harmony of natural balance.” ~ Jalai Lama

“You are the sacred nest of infinite potential weaving all that resonates within. Traveling all beautiful timeless paths of manifested purpose.” ~ Jalai Lama

“May we all embrace universal love and compassion unconditionally as we awaken to the deeply conscious all compassionate heart.” ~ Jalai Lama

“Be true to yourself and witness the beautiful rippling of hearts opening all around you.” ~ Jalai Lama

“There is nothing more potent than sacred expressions of the heart.” ~ Jalai Lama

As we awaken to the beauty of each moment we realize there is a growing sacredness with each passing moment. A deep appreciation at the core of our being for the opportunity to be alive here and now, breathing amongst all living things. ~ Jalai Lama

Be infinitely open to the gifts love brings. ~ Jalai Lama

Allow infinite space to guide you in the direction you feel most. ~ Jalai Lama

You are in the perfect space within infinite space. ~ Jalai Lama

The beauty of nature naturally awakens hearts without trying. Be nature. ~ Jalai Lama

Existence is a miracle, so treat each person as that, a miracle. ~ Jalai Lama

Let your slow be known. When we slow down all is peaceful and peace is known. Slow be known. ~ Jalai Lama

We must understand beauty as the core underlying message within everything. The whole raw beauty of nature that is always sharing space. ~ Jalai Lama

Live, breathe, and respond to each beautiful sacred moment with full gratitude..consciously aware of ALL the beauty and love that surrounds you. ~ Jalai Lama

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