Psychedelic Art Posters - NEW Bundle Special!

Psychedelic Art Posters Bundle Special! Choose ANY 3 or 7 psychedelic art posters that you’re drawn to and I will handle the rest. Whichever fine art posters you choose, I will bundle together for you into one special package! At checkout, please include the title of the artworks you have chosen for your collection. If you would rather have a surprise poster bundle, simply leave the order notes section blank and I will start your art collection for you. All psychedelic posters in this bundle are printed on 12″ x 18″ premium heavyweight (80lb/215gsm) glossy photo paper.

Psychedelic Art Posters on Aluminum, Canvas and Fine Art Paper

Many of these psychedelic art posters are also available on museum grade material as well. Make sure you check out the online shop for these artworks on aluminum, canvas and fine art paper. Even hand signed museum grade posters are available! If you plan on hanging your artwork in a sunny area or in direct sunlight, I would encourage you to invest in something that is more fade resistant. psychedelic poster

What Does Psychedelic Art Mean?

What does psychedelic art mean? The word psychedelic means "mind manifesting". Using that exact definition, all artistic efforts of depicting our inner psyche would be classified as "psychedelic". The term psychedelic art can also refer to the late 1960s counterculture art movement. Psychedelic art posters were a counterpart to psychedelic rock music. Concert posters and album covers often reflected kaleidoscopic swirls with various color patterns depicting LSD hallucinations. In some ways, the psychedelic art movement is similar to the surrealist movement as it was considered a divine mechanism for finding new inspiration. trippy posters

Why are museum grade prints so special ?

Museum grade giclee prints, is archival and they have the same pigmented inks found in original paintings. Unlike standard mass produced poster prints, museum grade prints are made one at a time. They are very popular among art collectors as they react to light in the same way an original painting would. These art prints have been proven to last 100+ years and without any noticeable change. trippy art

Why Are Limited Edition Prints So Special?

To purchase a limited edition print, is to invest in a rare and collectible piece of artwork. Limited edition prints are considered rare and can be recognized by a hand signature in the bottom right or left corner of the artwork. All limited edition prints are hand signed and numbered. For example, an artwork labeled 1/100 means it is print number 1 of 100. It is also means your print will ever only be created 100 times in that specific size and medium. As time passes, the value of your limited edition prints will rise because they are selling out and becoming more rare/less available. Thank you so much for reading "Psychedelic Art Posters by Jalai Lama!" :)

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