Massive love and thanks to Pretty Lights, Marvel Years and David Letelier!

Massive love and thanks to Marvel Years and Pretty Lights for providing the super electrifying sound track for this project. So so grateful and for this opportunity to collaborate with these legendary musicians on this particular project. May we all continue doing our very best in pushing creative boundaries and in fresh, new, and exciting ways.❤️ Massive thanks to the grand wizard of motion graphics David Letelier. Instagram handle: @davidletelierart for creating this mesmerizing video of “L.A. Experience” and for bringing this piece to life in such a beautiful and masterful way.❤️ Featured Artwork: “L.A. Experience” - (24” x 40” Dye Infused Aluminum Print) Now Available! Several different size options available here:

Want to see this artwork in person?

Would you like to see this artwork in person? Come check it out at “Fall Festival on Ponce” in downtown Atlanta this weekend! ? Hours: Sat. 10-5 & Sun. 11-5pm. Location: 1451 Ponce de Leon Avenue, Atlanta,Ga.

Do you reside in the Los Angeles area?

If you reside in the Los Angeles area and are interested in seeing this piece in person, visit DTLC in downtown Los Angeles. It is currently on display for your viewing pleasure. The owner of DTLC is a good buddy of mine and he is opening his doors for viewing, just for you! ❤️ Viewing hours are from 9-5pm. And if you happen to have any neck and/or back issues, make sure to ask for Levon and you’ll be in the best hands possible. Location: 714 W. Olympic Blvd. Suite 1001 Los Angeles, CA 90015. Would you like to share this artwork/post with others on Instagram or Facebook? Simply credit me back with the text ”Artwork by Jalai Lama" with my insta handle” Infinite Love and Blessings ❤️ - Jalai Lama Thanks for reading "Pretty Lights + Marvel Years + David Letelier Collaboration for L.A Experience = Mind Blown" ! :)

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