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Large Wall Art To Enhance The Vibe In Your Sacred Space

Large Wall Art To Enhance The Vibe In Your Sacred Space

"KUNDALINI AWAKENING" VISIT ARTWORK Large wall art to enhance the vibe in your sacred space. It's time to say goodbye to those huge bare walls with large wall art that is truly oversized. When the right artwork is hanging in the right place, you can feel a transformation of the vibe and energy in the room. If you're looking to make a big change in a big way, then large wall art can certainly help you achieve that.

Extra Large Outdoor Wall Art For Extra Large Outdoor Spaces

"INFINITUT" VISIT ARTWORK Are you looking for extra large outdoor wall art that truly makes your outdoor space come alive? If you have a extra large outdoor space, it can be challenging to find extra large outdoor wall art pieces that coordinate with everything. It can also be quite challenging to find large outdoor wall art that is 100% waterproof/weatherproof and stand the harsh outdoor conditions. For outdoor spaces, I highly recommend you check out my dye infused almunium prints. They are incredibly durable and 100% waterproof/weatherproof. There are many benefits to purchasing extra large outdoor wall art that is made of aluminum. The first benefit of purchasing metal wall art is that there are no extra costs to getting it hung up on the wall. Since metal art prints have flush mount hangers on the back side of the print, you can quickly and easily hang your aluminum print.

Large Wall Art For Living Room

"WELL OF THE HEART" VISIT ARTWORK If you're looking for large wall art for living room, I suggest checking out all I have to offer in my shop. All of my large wall art for living room pieces are available on metal, canvas and fine art paper. Finding the perfect style frame and perfect color mats for your print can be challenging but it can also be highly rewarding. There are so many possibilities and options when framing a fine art print. I highly recommend bringing your fine art print into a frame shop so the framer can suggest a variety mat color and framing options. Depending on how large your canvas print or fine art print is, the amount of space you leave between the artwork and frame will vary.

Extra Large Wall Art For Indoor And Outdoor Use

"KUNDALINI AWAKENING" VISIT ARTWORK Providing extra large wall art prints is a lot of fun. Every time I see one of my extra large wall art pieces, I envision them as murals. For extra large wall art, such as a 24 x 36 inch print, it is recommended to have a 2.75 inch mat border size all the way around. For small fine art prints such as 12 x 16, a 1.75 inch mat border size all the way around is recommended. Since all of my canvas and fine art prints are archival, I suggest the mats you end up choosing be archival as well. With archival mats, you can rest assured that your print will not turn yellow over time. Non-archival mats have a lot of harmful chemicals that will leech into your print and cause it to yellow over time. Archival mats are a little more expensive, but save you money in the long run. If you have any more questions on any of these topics, please feel free to email me your questions. Love and Blessings. ~ Jalai Lama

Large Canvas Wall Art For Indoor Use

"PHOENIX RISING" VISIT ARTWORK Large canvas wall art is great for indoor use. All of my large canvas wall art prints are museum grade and are proven to last a lifetime without any noticable fading. Most of my large canvas wall art prints measure close to the standard 18" x 24" poster size. This makes framing your canvas art print much easier since it is a standard size frame that will not require custom framing. However if you are interested in having your large canvas wall art gallery wrapped, you will need to bring it to a frame shop or visit my virtual frame shop.

Large Wall Art Canvas Prints Also Known As Giclee Prints

"FOUNTAIN OF BOUNDLESS LOVE" VISIT ARTWORK There are several benefits of having large wall art canvas prints that you should consider. All of the large wall art canvas prints that I offer are archival, museum grade and 100% acid-free. Known as "Giclees" these art prints are made one at a time using the same pigmented inks found in original paintings. Giclee prints react to light in the same way an original painting would and are proven to last up to 100 years without any noticeable change. Another important thing to note is that museum grade canvas prints are a little warmer than metal prints in appearance. So, if you are looking for something that has a little warmer feel, say for a bedroom, than a large wall art canvas print that is museum grade is your best choice.

Large Art Prints Also Known As Oversized Wall Art

"HALEAKALA" - LARGE ART PRINTS NOW AVAILABLE! SHOP LARGE ART PRINTS However, if you looking for a large art prints with more contrast and glow, a metal print wins in that department. Last but not least we also have large art prints on museum grade paper. These prints are also archival and 100% acid-free. Museum grade prints on fine art paper have a matte finish and are a great option if you would like to have something framed. These large art prints are just as beautiful and vibrant as the large canvas prints and will also last 100+ years with no noticeable change. Limited edition prints are hand signed and numbered in the bottom right corner of each piece. All of my large art poster prints are also museum grade and hand signed in the bottom right corner. Posters do not have a number inscribed as these are open edition prints. That means they are not as rare as the limited editions.

Oversized Wall Art On Canvas, Metal and Fine Art Paper

"L.A. EXPERIENCE" VISIT ARTWORK All of my oversized wall art is available on museum grade canvas, and museum grade fine art paper and specially treated aluminum sheets. Have you considered introducing oversized wall art into your sacred space? If you have any questions regarding my oversized wall art prints, please email me or use the live chat feature. I look forward to helping you choose the perfect size and material for your project. Thank you for reading "Large wall art to enhance the vibe in your sacred space."! :)

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