Thank you all so much for the beautiful compliments on my Buddha clothing, t-shirts, blankets and posters at my last art show. It was truly wonderful to connect with you all and it was so nice to hear how much you guys loved them.??? To celebrate and show my appreciation, I'm excited to announce a special Buddha clothing bundle special! I am offering all three of my Buddha pieces together in one buddhdalicious "Buddha bundle". :D In order to keep costs down, all 3 pieces will be available for $145 with free shipping. Buddha Clothing Each Buddha clothing bundle will include (1) Soft and cozy Buddha throw blanket - (100% Cotton - 60% Recycled), (1) Lightweight, super soft and breathable Buddha T-shirt - 100% polyester - (any size) and (1) Hand signed museum grade poster print of "Kundalini Awakening"- (size small). In order to receive this special offer, please enter the following promo codes at checkout after all items are in your cart. Promo codes:

"buddhabundle" (if small poster is chosen) "buddhabundle2" (if medium poster size is chosen) "buddhabundle3" (if large poster size is chosen) 1 coupon per person. Free shipping within USA only. Love and Blessings ??? - Jalai Lama * To kick off the promo and add your first Buddha clothing bundle item, please visit:

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