Finally! My first canopy set up! Pretty awesome to see everything come together full circle like this.❤️ Thank you Alive in Roswell for having me and thank you Vitabri for making such a durable and well crafted tent. Even those 40mph gusts were no match for this bad boy! ???? A huge thank you to Lindsay Anderson and Tyler Smith of Indigo Giants for helping me set everything up as well.. You guys were a TREMENDOUS help.❤️Although the area we set up in (Roswell Square) was a children's play area, it was still a great experience to set everything up and see all of my art hanging together in a mini art gallery like fashion.

Would I Recommend Displaying Art at Alive in Roswell?

I would however advise artists who are considering Alive in Roswell as a venue to show their art that they stay far away from Roswell Square.. unless you create children's art or something that appeals children of course. On the flip side, you do also have the option of showing your art on Canton St. (where all of the adults hang out), however it will cost over $1,000.00. I was not made aware that Roswell Square was a children's play area until I arrived so please know that this section of the festival is for children to play and not so much people looking for new art. Cheers!- Jalai Lama

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