Awakening Visions is Back and Ready to Rock!

Eyescension Hello Lovely People ! Awakening Visions is back and ready to rock! We are soooo happy to be back online sharing what we love but what we’re really amped up about is the opportunity to connect and co-create in special projects with all of you. After several months of passionately cultivating the artwork, content and visuals for our wonderful new platform we finally feel it’s ready for your enjoyment and lovely presence. We hope our website conveys our universal love and reverence for all of creation but we also pray that it inspires you in a creative heartfelt way. We believe in you, your dreams, your visions and all you wish to share and create. There truly are no limits to what you can create in your life when you you release all self-imposed limitations. Home IS where the Heart IS. Some of the services we’ll now offering include: Logo design, Brochure design, Flyer and Art Poster design, CD/Book Cover Design, Advertising Design, Photographic Retouching, Image Enhancing, and even Custom Buddha Wall Art for your home. We are super excited to start sharing in special projects with all of you soon and sincerely look forward to being of service in a fresh, inspiring, innovative, and memorable way. Our sincere love and gratitude goes out to everyone who has so selflessly shared their love, inspiration and support with us at this time..we feel it all on all levels and each one of you has a special place in our hearts. A special heartfelt thank you to Josh Davis of Digital Empathy and Ehren Cruz of SolPurpose for the incredible heart, patience, and guidance they’ve shared with us as well. These next few weeks, make sure you check back often for new artwork releases, free downloads, inspiring writings and special new projects. If you would like to stay inspired by our continual flow of inspiration, please take a moment to like our facebook page, bookmark our site, or subscribe to our love-filled newsletter. We hope you will happily explore all that we have to offer with an open heart that allows you to enjoy in a new and unique way each time you visit. Blessed BE and Shine On! ~Jalai Lama

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