11 Beautiful Mooji Quotes to Soak In

//11 Beautiful Mooji Quotes to Soak In

11 Beautiful Mooji Quotes to Soak In

Mooji Quotes to Soak In

I find these 11 mooji quotes especially beautiful. Please enjoy ♥

“Stop and sink into this timeless moment!” -Mooji

“Mind and body have taken the journey, but the real home place is your own heart. It is infinite. And so wherever you go, you are always home.” – Mooji quotes on heart

“Find that place which is effortlessly at rest within itself. Be there – be one with that.” – Mooji

“Leave your existence to existence, stop caring for yourself so much and let the universe care for you; it is the best mother.” – Mooji

“As far as the search for truth is concerned, 98% of our thinking is rubbish. The remaining 2% is garbage. Throw it all out and be empty! Truth cannot be caught by intellect alone – grace is needed.” – Mooji quotes on truth

“You are before knowledge. This is why you KNOW knowledge.” – Mooji

“There’s no one there to understand, there’s just understanding, which flourishes in you as peace, joy and contentment.” – Mooji quotes on joy

“Be in the spirit of truth and any words you speak are in alignment with that spirit.” – Mooji quotes on spirit

“If we pay too much attention to things we will keep on seeing things.  If you pay more attention to the space in which things come and go, then you stop seeing things and you´ll feel just a harmony with the space itself!” – Mooji

“Step into the fire of self-discovery.   This fire will not burn you, it will only burn what you are not.” ~ Mooji

“The greatest healing would be to wake up from what we are not.” ~ Mooji


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~ Jalai Lama





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