Great Central Sun Tapestry

Uplift your space with this incredibly durable, super vibrant "Great Central Sun" space tapestry! Superior print quality retains vibrancy for years to come. 100% Polyester (40% Recycled) and measures 48” x 48”. Perfect for indoor or outdoor use. Each corner has reinforced loops for easy hanging. Made in USA. Actual size may vary by 2-3″ due to manufacturing processes.

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Within the inner temple lies the essence of the great central sun. Similar to our milky way galaxy, it is our galactic home where the magic of the stars and the heavens reside. The farthest star in the universe lies within the fabric of our eternal heart space. Infinite possibilities of creation radiate from the beautiful and harmonious core. The power of this healing source is filled with the highest vibrational energy of unconditional love and light. It is the sun of your true self. Return to a place of perfect oneness and live your most beautiful life.