Welcome to the Grand Opening!

Dear Friends and Family,
It is with great love and joy to announce the all new awakening visions website! The culmination of 15+ years of love and hard work! May this new web portal now serve as a tool for healing, inspiration and awakening. And with each one of my original artworks now completely remastered may they also now go forth to bless homes with peace, love, joy, and inspiration. Lokah Samastah Sukhino Bhavantu With this grand opening I am also pleased to announce the release of my newest artwork entitled “Well of the Heart”. This is a hand signed & numbered limited edition giclee print of 111. Museum canvas and museum prints are now available in 3 different sizes. Please use coupon code “Oneness” to save 11% at checkout - valid until 11/30. My deepest gratitude for the all of the love and support you’ve all shared over the years. You all inspire me to dream deeper, reach farther, burn brighter and live my highest truth every single day. Namaste. ~ Jalai Lama * Big Big Love to Digital Empathy Design ( https://www.facebook.com/digitalempathydesign ) for the next level professionalism throughout this entire web building process as well. You guys seriously rock! :)

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