"Alchemy of the Heart"

alchemy of the heartSee yourself as a person who is an expression of higher healing, someone whose healing power is continually open, nourished, and flowing free. Honoring the sanctity of the body and accept the healing nature of source. Every single one of us is a healer. Every single one is a cocreator of this world. The body is continually recreated by the conscious spirit essence within the heart. This essence of consciousness at the root source of all creation holds the blueprint of total wellness. Its within you. It is you. Our minds often deviate away from this pure state of connection within. This conflict with the creative design negates one’s ability to heal. Love born within the alchemy of the heart is the highest form of reality...and is the ultimate source of true healing. ~ Ehren Cruz Click "Alchemy of the Heart" for print availability. Stay Inspired! Pave the way soul family ♥ ∞ One Love ∞ ~ Jalai Lama

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