This Rainbow Goddess is entitled "Drifting Awake"

This limited edition rainbow goddess piece is entitled “Drifting Awake”. It is a hand signed and numbered print by Jalai Lama. Now Available on aluminum, museum grade canvas, and fine art paper! ❤️ For available sizes, please visit:

A Little Backstory About This Rainbow Goddess Artwork

A little backstory about this rainbow goddess artwork. I originally created this piece for the amazingly beautiful song in the video above that also happens to be titled “Drifting Awake”! When the incredibly gifted band Nifty Earth sent me this sonic beauty, I was completely blown away. I fell in love with every aspect of their musical production. I was so honored and appreciative that they chose me as their artist and designer for this very special track. Super inspired by their vibe, heart, passion and vision, I worked on this artwork tirelessly every day for 3-4 months. After I finally finished it, I told them I wanted to title the artwork “Drifting Awake” and they absolutely loved it. So much so that they decided to title the song “Drifting Awake” after the artwork!

Super Synchronicity and Universal Alignment with The Rainbow Goddess

Our lives and visions couldn’t have aligned more beautifully or at a more appropriate time. Talk about super synchronicity and universal alignment!! So, now that you know the little back story, why not follow their journey and show em some love on instagram @niftyearth Peace, Love and Blessingssssss ❤️ - Jalai Lama For dye infused aluminum prints of this rainbow goddess artwork, please visit: Thank you for reading "Rainbow Goddess + Sonic Bliss by Nifty Earth = Drifting Awake" ! :)

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