Energy on Paper by Natalie Frost

While on Facebook, immersed in the many stories, photos, and lives of my “friends“, I coincidentally stumbled upon the alluring artwork of Jalai Lama. As I fixated my gaze onto his art piece called “Kundalini”, my eyes were bathed in this radiant, golden energy that selflessly seeped into my mind, body and spirit, transcending my vibration beyond space and time into a new state of cosmic consciousness. I was the universe, and the universe was in me, brilliantly illuminating unconditional love. Jalai Lama’s art had such profound effect on me, because as an energy healer, I am constantly trying to find new ways to explain a seemingly unexplainable energy to prospective clients, family, and friends. For the first time, an explanation was finally tangible through the artwork of Jalai Lama, this was a huge breakthrough for me! To continue reading please click "Energy on Paper"

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