While researching light solutions for my art gallery and the various ways light effects our human experience, I found myself learning more and more about the company Soraa and all of their high CRI LED bulbs. high cri led

Why invest in Soraa's High CRI LEDS?

If you’re looking for a lighting solution and/or a beautiful way to illuminate your home or artwork, I highly recommend checking Soraa's High CRI LED lighting. For my indoor art gallery, and now for my outdoor gallery as well, I chose to invest in Soraa's High CRI LEDS, specifically their MR16 LED (7.5 Watt) 4000k (95 CRI rated) bulb. Why? That’s a long story but I will say that these fine art lights illuminate my artwork in a dynamic and truly spectacular fashion. Overall, I couldn’t be happier with their products.

Soraa Light Technology | Bulbs That Produce The Highest Quality Light

Not only do these bulbs produce the highest quality light, but they also have an awesome built in magnetic system for attaching filters that can create numerous different light beam shapes, colors and angles. The filters snap right on and if you’re feeling creative, all you have to do is stack filters until you achieve your desired effect/result. Thank you Soraa for paving the way in light technology and for all of the love, dedication, research and creativity that goes into each and every product. Your happy new artist friend, Jalai Lama mr16 led

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