Alex Grey Loved My Art Work!

Alex Grey Alex Grey and Jalai Lama
So so grateful that I had the beautiful opportunity to meet and connect briefly with the Legendary Visionary Art Master Alex Grey. It was so incredibly surreal to align paths with another artist who is so passionate, loving and dedicated to inspiring each persons unique creative path. I've been a huge fan of Alex Grey and his work for many many years so to pay it forward and gift him one of my artworks truly is a dream come true. As I handed my art work "Kundalini Experience" over to Alex his eyes lit up with fascination and curiosity and he gave me a huge smile from ear to ear. What a profound blessing and wildly amazing experience that was ..something I will truly never forget. Thank you Alex for living your highest truth and paving the way for a brighter future for us all. Perhaps one day our paths will cross again and we'll co-create a visionary masterpiece together. Until then.. Low bows and Shine on brother. Peace, Love, Joy and Creativity to All ...~∞ One Love ∞~...

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