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self realization

A student of life and the arts, Jalai Lama is on a quest to inspire change on an individual, global and Universal scale. His passion for the arts is born out of a deep Love for humanity, and each artwork embodies a reflection of his reverence for all of Creation. Similar to the Dalai Lama, he also believes that compassion and sharing in happiness is the purpose of Life and that elimination of karma comes through spreading love, joy, inspiration and unity consciousness.

Studying the work of legendary art masters from around the world, Jalai Lama unveils valuable knowledge of how art effects our emotions, mentality, and spiritual understanding. These discoveries in turn have given birth to a new artform and method for transformation he calls “Transfigurative Emotionalism.” Serving as a gateway to Self realization, Jalai’s art manifests a magical sense of harmony within visual stimulations. The viewer is brought to experience a deeper connection to the truth of their co-creative and divine Nature by immersing themselves within the realms of timeless beauty within art.

Through a positive leadership role and genuine compassion for others, he selflessly paves the road for his human family…so they can in turn pave roads for others that they Love. Art is total creative freedom and a beautiful gift to share upon the world. It reaches into peoples lives in ways words cannot even begin to describe; awakening the mind, body and Spirit it can bring you to a place of serenity, compassion and eternal awareness. It is our instinctual human Nature to overcome and survive the hardships we face everyday. Start realizing your own potential today and empower someone you know through creating from the Heart! We all need each other in order to learn, grow and evolve as one. Pave the way brothers and sisters…

Love and Blessings,

~ Jalai Lama

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