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Framed Wall Art in The NEW Virtual Frame Shop!

Framed Wall Art Has Arrived!


Framed wall art has arrived! I’m so excited that I can now finally offer you framed wall art directly from my virtual frame shop! With over 500+ framing options, you can now customize your frame style, print size, mat color, and more. You can even choose whether you’d like your poster or print on wood, metal, acrylic, canvas, paper!


Framed Wall Art On Wood, Metal, Acrylic, Canvas, or Fine Art Paper


When you have so many framing options, it can be difficult to decide what you want and need. Are you looking for something that has more of a vintage feel or something that has a more contemporary feel.  Prints on acrylic and metal will have a high gloss shine so that is also something to consider. Canvas, wood, and fine art paper will obviously be less glossy. Having said that let’s talk about all of your different paper options.

Framed Art Prints And Posters And Your Paper Options 


All of the framed art prints are incredibly beautiful, however some papers may be more up your alley than others. With a total of 8 acid-free paper options to choose from, your framed art prints will most certainly look amazing. Your paper options are: archival matte paper, glossy photo paper, luster photo paper, semi-matte photo paper, picture rag, somerset velvet, watercolor paper, and metallic paper.

Cheap Framed Wall Art On Sale


Who doesn’t want to find cheap art that is already framed!? I want to make my art as accessible as possible and even better offer cheap framed art that is affordable. Framing art can be insanely expensive as costs add up pretty quickly. If you’re tired of paying too much for framing, visit my virtual frame shop for cheap framing options. Perhaps you’ll find the perfect solution.

Framed Wall Art For Living Room


Do you need wall art that’s already framed for your living room? It can be difficult to find framed art for your living room, especially when your style is uniquely yours. Does your living room have mostly neutral colors? If so, I highly recommend looking at my less colorful artworks to see if they align with your current style and decor.

Large Framed Wall Art In My Virtual Frame Shop


In my virtual frame shop, you can customize your size, frame style, mat color, and more. Finding the perfect frame style and perfect color mats for your print can be challenging but it can also be highly rewarding. There are so many possibilities and options when framing your fine art print. Depending on how large your canvas print or fine art print is, the amount of space you leave between the artwork and frame will vary.

Oversized framed Wall Art For Larger Spaces

Framed oversized wall art can be quite expensive but it doesn’t have to be. When you visit my new virtual frame shop, you will find many oversized solutions that are budget friendly. My oversized prints tend to measure in the 30″ x 40″ range however I do offer some even larger (“Haleakala” for example is available in sizes as large as 24″ x 88″.) Bringing oversized art into your sacred space can truly enliven the vibe and energy in the room.

Framed Canvas Art & Framed Canvas Wall Art For Contemporary Spaces

Framed canvas art is another beautiful option for your contemporary space. I love the look of framed canvas art as it has a very clean and modern appearance. If you’ve never seen framed canvas wall art in person, I suggest visiting a frame shop, art gallery, or even my virtual frame shop to check it out.  Framed canvas art is a great option for anyone that would rather not see the mirrored image or black sided edges of the canvas print. The beauty of framed canvas wall art is that your canvas floats beautifully in the middle of the frame. The edges of your canvas print are surrounded by a gap that typically measures anywhere from a 1/4 inch to a 1/2 inch.

White Framed Wall Art, Black Framed Wall Art, & Gold Framed Wall Art Are Popular Choices In 2019

White framed wall art, black framed wall art, and gold framed wall art are very popular choices in 2019. I can’t say I have a ton of art in these colors however I do have a few pieces you that maybe of interest to you. My white artwork is called “Crystal Palace” and the dominant color in this piece is white. It has some beautiful accents of pink, purple, green, and even some beige colors.

I also have a few black artworks as well. The first one I’ll mention is titled “INFINITUT” as it is a cosmic representation of King Tutankhamun. Out of all my artworks this one probably has the most black. The artwork with the second-most black in it is called “Well of the Heart”. This piece features Guatama Buddha meditating on the mysterious elements of nature, deep in the middle of the jungle.

My gold artworks are titled “Kundalini Awakening”, “Alchemy of the Heart”, “Restoring Clarity” and “Fountain of Boundless Love”. As you can probably tell I love the color gold. Any of these gold framed artworks look beautiful, especially when coupled with neutral and warmer colored mat choices. Try tinkering around in the virtual frame shop and see what you can create!  


Thank you so much for reading “Framed Wall Art In The NEW Virtual Frame Shop!”! 🙂

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