Contemporary Metal Wall Art For Your Dream Zen Space!

Contemporary Metal Wall Art For Your Dream Zen Space! On this website, you will discover a wide selection of contemporary metal wall art works for your dream zen space. In the process of creating your dream zen space? Don’t have a dream zen space just yet? No worries! All of the metal art works featured below are wonderful additions to any space,  indoor or outdoor.

Large Outdoor Metal Wall Art For Indoor & Outdoor

large outdoor metal wall art

This large outdoor metal wall art piece is titled “Kundalini Awakening”. This contemporary metal art work is suitable for both indoor and outdoor use and is currently available in 3 different sizes. The smallest size measures: 12″x 16″. The medium size is 18″ x 24″ and the large size measures 24″ x 32″. For those interested in a larger outdoor metal art work of “Kundalini Awakening” please email me directly.

Large Metal Wall Art For The Contemporary Space With Warm Colors

large metal wall art

This large metal wall art piece is titled “Fountain of Boundless Love”.  Incredibly powerful and deeply peaceful, this large metal wall art work integrates beautifully into contemporary spaces with warmer colors. A beautiful reminder that a temple of sacredness, peace, beauty, and love lives deep within. For the more intimate space, I suggest the smaller size prints that measure 9″ x 17″ and 12″ x 22. If you have a larger area or wall, I recommend the 16″ x 30″ or 20″ x 38″. For the extra large contemporary spaces, the oversized print size of 30″ x 56″ should be well suited to your needs.

Oversized Metal Wall Art That Shines Bright With Peace, Love, And Serenity

oversized metal wall art

This oversized metal wall art piece is titled “Haleakala” – (House of the Sun). I captured this super epic panoramic (8 captures in one) at the very tip of Maui’s largest volcano “Haleakala” while visiting Hawaii last year. The amount of bliss and peace felt was unlike anything I have ever experienced. If you’re looking for something truly oversized, I highly recommend the 88″ x 24″ print. At this size, you are sure to experience the feelings I speak of.

Modern Metal Wall Art For Modern Contemporary Spaces

modern metal wall art

This modern metal wall art piece of downtown Los Angeles is titled “L.A. Experience”. Super grateful that I had the opportunity to collaborate with both Marvel Years and Pretty Lights on this project. Check out the awesome remix of “L.A. Experience” by contemporary artist David Letelier below that features music by Marvel Years and Pretty Lights.

Featured Contemporary Modern Metal Wall Art: “L.A. Experience” by Jalai Lama  (Video Remix by David Letelier)

Abstract Metal Wall Art For Breathing Color Into Any Room

abstract metal wall art

This abstract metal wall art piece is titled “Drifitng Awake”. I worked on this piece tirelessly for 4 months for a band called “Nifty Earth”. They loved it so much they decided to name one of their super epic songs “Drifitng Awake” as well. At the moment the largest size I offer is 24” x 24”. If you want to bring in some bright beautiful colors into your contemporary living space, this artwork has you covered.

Black Metal Wall Art + King Tut + Infinite Universe = “INFINITUT”

black metal wall art

This black metal wall art piece is called “INFINITUT” and it has the deepest black levels I have ever seen. Fusing the infinite universe and King Tut together and then printing it on metal was such a fantastic idea. If you love this piece as much as I do and end up purchasing, I highly recommend shining a few LED lights on this piece. In doing so, you are sure to transform this piece from 2D artwork to a 3D artwork.

Metal Bird Wall Art For Rising Like The Phoenix

metal bird wall art

This metal bird wall art piece is called “Phoenix Rising” and if you gaze into it long enough, it will begin to move. When creating this piece my intention was to make it as “alive” as possible. I guess I achieved my goal. This piece is one of my more popular pieces when showing it at local art fairs and festivals, by both children and adults. The largest I currently offer this piece is 26″ x 48″ and it is truly breathtaking at that size. Visit “Phoenix Rising” to learn more.

Tropical Metal Wall Art For Dreamy Contemporary Spaces

tropical metal wall art

This tropical metal wall art piece is called “Ensueno” which means “Dream” or “Fantasy” in English. Children are particularly drawn to this piece when I show it in public. Some pretty funny things I have heard them say are “When I go to sleep at night and imagine paradise, this is what I see.” I also remember a little boy saying “I’m really drawn to these artworks, but I’m connected to this one” (while pointing at “Ensueno”).  Learn more about “Ensueno“.

Tree of Life Metal Wall For Contemporary Zen Spaces

tree of life metal wall art

This tree of life metal wall art piece is called “Well of the Heart”. This Buddha artwork represents the love that flows out from the heart space and into the heart of nature. Our connection to nature is rooted in love. The perfect quote for this piece is from Joseph Campbell. He stated, “The goal of life is to make your heartbeat match the beat of the universe, to match your nature with Nature.” Visit this Buddha Artwork for more details.

Outdoor Metal Wall Art For Both Indoor And Outdoor Use

outdoor metal wall art

All of the outdoor metal wall art featured above are for both indoor and outdoor use. These outdoor metal art pieces are 100% waterproof and incredibly easy to clean. Very little effort is required in getting them hung up as well. On the back of the artworks are super convenient hangers called “flush wall mount hangers”. These hangers give your artwork and space a very clean and modern look as the artwork is practically flush against the wall. If weight is a concern then you also have no need to worry as aluminum is very lightweight metal. The largest outdoor metal wall art piece I currently offer measures 88” x 24” yet it only weighs 7lbs.

Thank you for reading “Contemporary Metal Wall Art For The Dream Zen Space (Indoor & Outdoor)”! 🙂