The Hopi Elders say that we have now entered into the age of the bird clan. The Great winged denizens of the cosmos are no longer separate from our essence. The Angles, Dragons, Phoenix, Griffins, and winged sacred guardians of the veils now live within our hearts. We are the guardians, protectors, teachers, and guides of the sacred ways. We are the progenitors of the eternal light. Our essence is born of the stars and our wings unite our spirits with the heavens.

We welcome the Return of the Dragon Kin. The sacred light serpents of spiritual transformation…from the Kundalini rising within our bodies…the ley lines shifting the grid within Mother Earth. To the Sky guardians protecting our realm from foreign invasion…the the Serpents of Light breathing in the prana lifeforce through our spirits. These are the mighty Dragon Kin. They have always been amongst us since the birth of our beautiful race.

Yet now, after long lying dormant…their magik is now born again into this world hailing the dawn of a new age of unity and profound inner transformation. If you seek the dragon…don’t look to the sky alone…look to the heart…the dragon is the essence of spirit in motion. Each one of us has been blessed with the sacred opportunity to introduce something new and profound into this world. We are the seed bearers of a unique and beautiful potency. A potency that has the power to help transform our race into a peaceful, compassionate, and creative family moving together in harmony with ALL that is. Spread your wings and let your passions fly free.

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