My Buddha Blanket has arrived! It’s so very lovely and I would very much Love to offer this first blanket, however my cuter than ever yorkie, Mazzy, is a little obsessed and refuses to stop snuggling with it. :) On another note, I would like to give a huge thank you to Art Blankets for bringing my art to life in such an beautiful and awesome way. These Buddha Blankets are soft and cozy, 100% Cotton ( 60% Recycled ), and measure 6ft 5″ x 4ft 4″. Supporting American families and farms they are also grown and woven in the USA. If you’d like a Buddha Blanket to call your very own, please travel over to the contact page and send me a message. Peace, Love and Blessings <3~ Jalai Lama

Buddha Blanket


Buddha Blanket 2


Buddha Blanket 3 Buddha Blanket 4 BuddhaBlanket3 BuddhaBlanket4